halloween decor {on a budget} – 2012 projects recap

DSC_1208 copyWEBLast year I did a mini series about chic Halloween decor on a budget and shared a few projects I did to decorate our home for this spooky holiday. Most of the decorations were still in good shape so it made sense just to re-use them again this year instead of making new stuff. I didn’t, however, want to display the decorations the same way I did last year. So I recycled and updated them a little and changed their place.

I figured to get into Halloween mood and before sharing my new re-purposed and recycled Halloween decorations and because I haven’t taken pictures yet, I’d make a little recap of my favorite projects from last year.

DSC_1006 copyWEB{ spider web art }

DSC_0952 copyWEB{ easy striped halloween candles }

DSC_1219 copyWEB{ free halloween printables }

DSC_1007 copyWEB_edited-1{ $4 halloween wreath }

DSC_0957 copyWEB{ easy newspaper fans and Halloween garland }

I didn’t get to post about these newspaper fans and Halloween garland last year. I made them to hang from our TV in the living room.  For the garland I threaded three different Halloween cut outs {pumpkin, bat & skull} I found at the Dollar Store combined with black, orange and white card stock circles with orange twine. For the paper fans I used some sheets of newspaper and black and orange card stock circles. Here’s a cool tutorial for making paper fans if you need one.

DSC_1218 copyWEB

{ card stock bats }

This was one of the easiest projects we made last year. And I said “we” because L helped by cutting the bat silhouettes. I got the idea from Made but the original idea is from Country Living. They even have Halloween templates you can download here.

Hope you like these little projects and maybe try some of them. Stay tuned for a new quick, easy and extremely budget friendly Halloween project!


october – octubre

oct-13-aryle-october-cal-1920x1200 oct-13-happy-halloween-cal-1920x1200 oct-13-october-gift-cal-1920x1200 oct-13-beautiful-autumn-cal-1400x1050{images via smashing magazine}

Ok, this is going to be a long post rant. First of all, I made it! I posted my October desktop calendar on the first of the month live! It may sound silly but it means a lot to me.
Second I decided to keep this blog, house 36, in WordPress. I know, it’s not the most smart thing to do, switching platforms. But I kept receiving comments and a couple of followers on WordPress and I was not replying to those comments because I was not checking that blog anymore. I probably should have closed my WordPress blog, but it was linked to from other sites and from features I got so I left it live. Since I haven’t posted much since the beginning of the year on the new Blogger account, I decided to transfer my recent posts from Blogger to WordPress so I can have everything in one place. I spent about hour and a half of my Sunday night, transferring my newer post onto WordPress manually. It sounds silly and makes no sense, but being the anal and type A person I am, when I got an idea in my head I just have to do it. So now, everything is back on WordPress and I’ll keep blogging here. Well, if you can call blogging my sporadic posting.

September was busy. What’s new, right? I couldn’t do my monthly balance even though I started it and it stayed in the drafts folders unfinished. One thing here, another one there, or maybe it’s because I’m not a writer and can’t really start and finish a post in an hour like most bloggers do. But I guess that’s OK because I’m not a writer, just a woman, wife, mom, designer, trying to document parts of our life, from family adventures to home remodel projects. Also English is not my first language and as I mentioned before, I used to wait for M to proof read my posts before hitting “publish”. Until I decided it was ok to make mistakes. However I’m still not very confident to just publish so posts stay in my draft folder for days, weeks, etc. I thought about writing in Spanish, but my goal to write in English was to improve my skill in the language so I think I’ll stick to it.

Ok, rant over. So now about the fun stuff. On the house front we have so many projects lined up. I doubt they will happen this month but we have started to plan and schedule things, have even drawn sketches and got bids but I’ll write about that on a separate post.

Finally how can I not mention this month favorite holiday? Halloween! Last year our Halloween party was so much fun that we’ve decided to do it again this year. We also plan on going on some traditional season activities like apple and pumpkin picking, corn mazes, Halloween parades and much more. Welcome October!

august – agosto

This time I’m not going to say July flew, because I feel we did a lot in this past month. Although we haven’t been able to physically get done much around the house, we’ve been able to make a lot of decisions about so things around the house. I’m happy because making up our minds and making final decisions was procrastinating all our projects. Now I know what we want to do and how we will do it.

Another reason we didn’t pay too much attention to our home improvement projects this past month is because we’ve spent much of our free time going on little adventures. Despite the high temperatures of the first weeks of July we’ve managed to spend time outside and have some fun.

August I think will be no different. We still have many Summer activities planned and we’ll go on a little vacation before kids start school. L will be entering 4th grade and G will start preschool…Sorry but now I have to say it even though it’s a cliché, times does fly!

feliz 28 Perú!

feliz 28Following our tradition, this weekend we will celebrate 28 de Julio, Peru’s Independence Day, with a trip to a Peruvian restaurant for some yummy food. We did it last year with my Peruvian friend and her family, and this time our Boston friends will join us, too. It’s going to be fun! Feliz 28 a todos los peruanos!

july – julio

july-13-celebrate-freedom-calendar-1920x1080 jul-13-mason_jar-calendar-1920x1200 jul-13-Sweet_summer-calendar-1920x1200

{images via smashing magazine}

July is a special month. We celebrate not only 4th of July, the United States Independence Day, but also 28 de Julio, Peru’s Independence Day. As I mentioned before, it’s one of my biggest intentions to expose and teach my kids about my culture. Specially in G’s case, since he’s half Peruvian. It’s very important to me he grows up bilingual and knows everything about Peru, its wonderful places, delicious food, interesting customs and historical traditions. Our annual trips to Peru will absolutely help with that. This last time we were there, I noticed G picked up many Spanish words, and he’s starting to speak as much Spanish as he speaks English now. Yay!

We started the month with a late, late birthday play date for G. I’ve been busy with work, so I couldn’t plan anything earlier. Check out mamemima, for some pictures soon!

We’re taking it easy this long weekend. We’ll take advantage of the days off to organize things around the house, finish some projects that were on hold, and plan some others. I think the kids bathroom remodel is happening {crossing my fingers} so I have a lot to think about. I can’t say the same thing about the second floor rooms switching though. M said he never had the chance to move anything so when we came back, about two weeks ago, everything was as I left it. And that’s definitely something we’re {I’m} not ready to handle now. It’ll have to go to the bottom of our to-do-list.

The rest of the month is filled with day trips, birthdays and of course a 28 de Julio celebration!

june – junio

jun-13-fathersday_never_lose_hope-calendar-1920x1200 jun-13-i_love_paris-calendar-1920x1200 jun-13-Ice_creams_away-calendar-1920x1200 jun-13-love-typography-calendar-1920x1200 jun-13-Summer-calendar-1920x1080{images via smashing magazine}

Yesterday we celebrated G´s second birthday. In Lima, Perú, my hometown. And I can not express how happy and excited we were. Although we miss M’s family and our friends in New York, being able to celebrate G’s birthday with my side of the family and friends meant the world to me.

G’s nonos {my parents} helped us host a nice party. It was great to see some old friends and family members, all celebrating with us this special day. This is our last week in Perú. We are really enjoying our time here but not so much the weather. It´s getting cold.

I haven´t planned much for the rest of June, because I know it´s going to be a little hard getting back into our schedules and routines after a month of vacation. Also, it´s Summer time in New York so I´m sure we´ll spend a lot of time outdoors.

We´ve been having so much fun and it´s going to be hard to say bye, but it´ll really be just a see you son, because we´ll come back! Next time when it’s nice, sunny and warm!

may – mayo

may-13-mothers_day-calendar-1920x1200 may-13-may_flowers-calendar-1920x1200 may-13-Octopus_the_master_of_disguise-calendar-1920x1200 Web may-13-old_vs_new-calendar-1920x1200 may-13-May_I_Love_You-calendar-1920x1200

{images via smashing magazine}


My intention is to post these desktop wallpapers the first of every month, or at least the first week. But the first week, turns into the second, and then the third and by the time I notice the month is over. One thing I realized is that although I have the time, I’m not being very organized with it. I start doing something, and then switch to something else. An hour later or so I pick up another task and the cycle continues throughout the day. Then the day is over and I never finish task number one.

I do get things done in the middle, especially work related. But I really think I need better time management skills so I can be much more productive. I’ve been working on that for a long time and still need to improve. Specially since I’m expecting the same thing from my 8 year-old. We noticed he has some difficulty focusing on one task at a time {meaning a 20-min homework takes an hour to complete}. I can not really demand something I not doing myself, right? Work in progress I guess.

March and April were busy months. We got some things done around the house. I find it interesting, how I plan things in my head, like I mentioned here. But then one day I just randomly change my mind, and do something completely different. I’m still debating if that’s a good thing {flexibility, spontaneity I guess are always positive things} or a bad thing {unpredictability?). However, whatever changes I made, I do so thinking about our family dynamics. I try to adjust our home to our current needs and habits, and although it may be a little uncommon sometimes {turning a dining room into a playroom?!} it works for us. We still have big hopes to redo the bathrooms this Summer, or maybe Spring. And the second floor rooms switching is happening. That’s going to be interesting since I’ll be gone for a month. I gave M the task to start moving the furniture from room to room so we’ll see what I find when I come back.

May has been another hectic month, full of family and friends events. G and I are already in Lima, Peru and we’re having a great time. But we miss L and M and we’re looking forward to seeing them in a couple of weeks. It’s going to be an intense week, celebrating G’s second birthday, going on a little trip, celebrating a cousin’s wedding, seeing family and friends, and to end our vacation celebrating Father’s Day. We can’t wait!

march – marzo

march-13-spring_is_here__94-calendar-1920x1200 march-13-commonspring__78-calendar-1920x1200 march-13-geometric_march__25-calendar-1920x1440 march-13-abstract_retro__22-calendar-1920x1200 march-13-the_crow__28-calendar-1920x1200 march-13-school_night__61-calendar-1920x1200{images via smashing magazine}

And just like that, we started a new month. February was short but sweet. I think I managed to complete almost all the things in my to-do-list for the month. We found part-time child care for G, he has responded incredibly good and that makes me happy. My schedule is not very structured yet, so this “working-from-home” thing is a little hard sometimes {I’m still working on my time management skills}.

I was also good at planning some family activities and we have enjoyed a couple of nice, relaxing weekends. The others were full of the usual, tedious but necessary, house chores: laundry, purging, cleaning, food shopping, etc, etc. We had a couple of Valentines’ play date for the kids which they enjoyed. I wasn’t sure about posting pictures, especially since right after the 14th, stores had everywhere Easter decorated! Really? I posted some pics, anyway.

Spring is coming so I’m also starting to plan our big house projects for the year. We’ve decided to renovated the kid’s bathroom {and probably our bathroom}, finishing the playroom/music room, redo L’s bedroom {he’s growing so fast and becoming a sweet and funny young man. I think he needs a new room} and update G’s room {I just need to make a few adjustments here and there and he’ll go from nursery to big boy room. I’m excited about this change, too!}. Of course there are more things I’d like to do, like finishing our Master Bedroom, finishing the Dining Room {we’re deciding whether to change it to a big office since we hardly use that space as a formal living room}, finish the Laundry Room and Exercise Room. Ok, just writing all that, made me realize it’s not gonna happen. I’d be thrilled just to complete the kids bathroom and their rooms. Crossing my fingers.

I can’t wait for the warmer weather and beautiful Spring blossoms! Happy Monday!