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fringed lanterns

A little late but hope you all had a great President’s Day and had some time off to relax. The mister had to work so it was not really a three-day weekend for us. ūüė¶ But we got to do some cleaning and de-cluttering. Yay for spring cleaning coming!

In¬†another note I’m thinking of doing this for baby G’s birthday party. It’s a great alternative to the usual tissue paper pom poms. They are definitely more work but we can filled them with confetti for some extra fun.

images via oh happy day

Oh yes, baby’s party is just 4 months away…I’d better start planning!

what I’m loving now…

Baby Gap First Favorites: New Collection

I got baby G some pieces of Baby Gap First Favorites and loved them all! Particularly their footed pajamas. They feel so comfy and baby G looks so cute in them. Baby Gap just came up with a new First Favorites Collection and it’s lovely.These will be a perfect gift¬†to welcome a little one into this world. Simply adorable!

please, vote for my boy!

Since I started this blog I always said to myself that I would never ask for votes or things like that if I got into an online contest or something. Nothing wrong with it. Just a personal choice.¬†But I guess that¬†changes when you have kids! So here I’m, asking you to please vote for my baby boy.

He’s running for Kid of the Week (this week ending tomorrow.¬†I know, I should have posted before but read above)¬†and eventually Kid of the Year in Parents Magazine. He started at #97 and he’s now #6! With your votes I’m pretty sure we can do it!

The contest ends tomorrow night at 11:59 p.m. Please, please help us with your votes. You can vote daily (today and tomorrow) from different devices each day (iphone, ipad, smartphone, laptop, desktop. Every vote counts!) Click¬†“Vote for me”¬†below and it’ll take you to the voting page.

 Vote for me!


Thanks so much in advance. You are all the best!



happy 1/2 year!

Dear Baby G,

This is five days overdue, and very late,¬†but better now than never, right? You are 6 months old! I can’t believe how time flew. It seems like yesterday I was waiting anxiously for your arrival and here you are…6 months later, a big, strong, happy boy!

My sweet little man, I have so much to say about all this time we¬†spent together.¬†You have taught me so many things and¬†have challenged me in so many ways. It hasn’t been easy sometimes, but together we are finding our way, our rhythm and I cherish every single moment we¬†share.¬†I’m trying very hard to be the best mama to you and¬†do what feels right for you, for¬†me, for our family.¬†You are making me a better person.

My beautiful baby, this is you at 6 months old:

  • You are 20 lbs. 7 oz. and 27 in. long.¬†A big, big, boy! Your doctor said you are completely healthy and strong. Besides a little congestion and a case of mild fever, you¬†haven’t been seriously sick. And I thank God for that.
  • Out of your 6 months, you’ve been exclusively breastfed for 4 1/2. We had a very rough start but with a lot of perseverance and hope we succeeded. It’s a big accomplishment¬†I feel proud of. However, since a couple of months ago you’re refusing to take a bottle, either with breast milk or formula. You just don’t want it. That means I haven’t been away from you for more than 2 1/2 hours at a time. I hope eventually you’ll take¬†a bottle.¬†It’ll make things a little easier for mama.
  • You haven’t started solids yet. I was waiting until you were 6 months old. I’m going to wait one more week until we are in Lima with Nona, so she can give me some tips. We are planning to start with¬†fresh, healthy food:¬†a¬†vegetable or fruit.¬†I refuse to give you rice cereal as your first food. Why?¬†After living with two picky eaters (yes, your daddy and big brother are¬†really picky eaters!) I recognize the importance of starting¬†healthy¬†eating habits very young.¬†I’ll try my best to keep you away from processed food. And yes, rice cereal is¬†a processed food.¬†
  • We have our little bedtime routine. I dim the lights, put on some Guns ‘n Roses¬†baby music, change your diaper,¬†put¬†some¬†lotion,¬†put on your jammies on and¬†sleeping bag and then¬†I nurse and rock you to sleep. That’s one of my favorite parts of the day. (most of the time, when you don’t cry)¬†I’d then put you down in your crib and you’d sleep for 4 hours until your next feeding. However lately, a week ago to be exact, you start crying the minute we put you down. The only thing that works is to put you in your bouncy chair. We don’t know what happened. We hope it’s just a phase and you’ll sleep in your crib soon again.
  • You don’t sleep through the night yet. But that’s ok. You wake up 2 – 3 times a night, sometimes for a feeding, sometimes just for comfort. Some nights are easier than others, some nights¬†I’m exhausted. I have faith you’ll sleep through the night¬†when you are ready. You are getting big and I’m sure it’s coming.¬†We haven’t tried any sleep training method yet and¬†I wouldn’t like to try any, unless strictly necessary. A lot of people tell me to let you cry, but I just can’t.¬†I think 10 minutes is the longest I can wait.¬†It breaks my heart. Am I making a mistake? We’ll see.
  • We co-sleep for part of the night and I enjoy it. I never thought I’d do that, but it’s easier with the night feedings. Putting a full bed in your room was the best thing I could have done. That means¬†papa sleeps by himself for part of the night, but he understands. (He is secretly enjoying all the extra room in our king size bed!)
  • Every morning you wake me up with a huge smile on your face. You start cooing and babbling. It’s so funny¬†to hear you “talk”. You are the happiest boy in the mornings. That is the best part of co-sleeping, waking¬†up to your beautiful smile.
  • You rolled over tummy to back at around¬†18 weeks¬†and back to tummy¬†at 20 weeks. Since then you’ve done it a handful of times but no more. Are you being a little lazy? At around 16 weeks you were sitting with help and¬†at around 21 weeks¬†you started sitting¬†by yourself.¬†¬†You are still mastering it up. But you definitely like it. I think you love the new view.
  • You hate tummy time. I try to put you in your tummy everyday, but you don’t like it. After a coupe of minutes you start crying screaming. Distracting you with toys just work for a couple more minutes, then you start screaming again or bury your face on the floor.¬†Sometimes it worries me that you don’t spend enough time on your¬†belly but I guess eventually you’ll accept it. And maybe¬†enjoy it?
  • So because of¬†the above,¬†you are not crawling¬†yet. You bear¬†weight¬†on your legs though. When¬†we hold you on¬†our laps, you¬†seem to want to move and take off. But buddy, you need to learn to crawl first.¬†I know every baby is different and I have to let you do things on your on time frame. But sometimes I worry you are a little behind.
  • You love, love¬†your bouncy chair. That’s the only place you nap on. I tried putting you to nap in your crib but it wasn’t working. You are going to outgrow¬†that chair¬†very soon and I don’t know what we’ll do then. But I guess¬†we’ll worry about it when the time comes. So far it works for your naps. Is this another mistake?
  • You smile to everyone, specially the ladies. You are a little flirt! Everywhere we go¬†everyone comments on what a happy baby you are. You’re a little shy in the beginning but then let¬†the sweetest¬†smile come out.¬†
  • Oh! and of course¬†everyone has something to say about your full head of hair! You have so much hair! Dark black hair which contrast with your white complexion.¬†A month ago you had your first official haircut. You have everyone around your finger with¬†that hair!
  • You like when we sing to you. And if we add some silly dancing you just crack up. You love when your big brother starts doing his¬†tae kwon do¬†moves. You¬†get hysterical. And we love to see you laugh that hard. Your squeals and screeches are so funny!
  • A couple of days before turning 6 months old you gave us the scare of our lives. You had an episode of breath-holding spell (we didn’t know then) and passed out in my arms. My heart stopped in that moment. But¬†somehow¬†I managed to tell¬†papa to call 911. It was such a quick reaction I didn’t even think about it.¬†Everything happened in a matter of seconds.¬†Before¬†911 arrived, which was in 3 minutes (literally, they were so fast!)¬†you were fine, like nothing happened. We were all so scared, since you’ve never done¬†that before. Nona says I had that when little and chances are that you have it because of me.¬†Doctors say is a common thing¬†among babies and young children, and that is not harmful or life threatening. I just hope with all my heart that it never, never¬†happens again.
  • You like story time at our local library and like your play group. I’m always trying to fill our days with fun activities for you (and me, too, like some shopping!). I have some music classes and swimming lessons in my list for you next year.

I have so much more¬†to tell you my love. I still have to¬†share your birth story and how we succeeded at breastfeeding. But mama has to start packing and get ready for our trip, your first trip!¬†We are going to¬†Lima, Peru¬†to see your Nona and Nono and your Madrina¬†and Tios, all the family and friends! They are so excited and counting the days to see you. It’s going to be your first Christmas in your mama’s home town. And I’m sure you are going to love it.

My sweet boy, I know God send you to complete our family and I feel extremely grateful for that. I pray to Him to keep you healthy and safe. I know He has angels looking after you, looking after all of us.

My loving boy, mama, papa and manito love you with all our hearts. You are our little sunshine, our little twinkle star, our little gift from God.

Te amo mi bebe precioso,


P.S. I wrote this in English so papa can understand. I speak to you in Spanish so I have a Spanish version of this letter.

my new obsession…

You know I’m up for all personalized, handmade things and stenciling¬†a onesie with my baby’s initial was an idea I had for a long time. When I finally decided to do it, I went the “freezer paper” route. Oh my! I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

I never anticipated how easy it’d be and how obsessed I’d become! The process it’s very simple: a. Choose a design, b. Print or draw¬†design¬†in freezer paper¬†(you can find it at the supermarket),¬†c.¬†Cut design with a X-acto knife (of course a Silhouette machine, would make your and my life easier), d.¬†Iron stencil on onesie, t-shirt, or whatever you want to create, e. Paint with fabric paint (I used this one¬†and has held up pretty good after three washes so far), f. Let dry and finally g. Peel stencil. Being the impatient person I am, I usually skip¬†step f, which I don’t recommend.¬†There are plenty of tutorials on the web, just google “freezer paper stencils” and you’ll find many.

red cardigan: baby h&m, white cardigan: baby cottons, jeans: baby Gap

I made an initial onesie¬†for my boy and one with the map of Peru. I also made two girly ones for my cousin’s baby girl. And I’m already planning on¬†making a stenciled¬†birthday t-shirt for L, and a Halloween one for G. The mister has asked for one, too. I’ve spending many hours thinking about new designs (hours I should spend sleeping!). I’m telling you I’m obsessed. Freezer paper stenciling is my new thing.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

baby G’s nursery in babble

I love Babble. It’s full of great articles and information about all things baby, kids and parenting of course. So I was thrilled to find out they included baby G’s nursery in their “Top 15 ways to Add Chevron¬†to your nursery” post¬† some months ago.

A couple of days ago it was mentioned again, this time in their “12 Gender-Neutral Baby Nursery Ideas” post. Head over to Babble and check it out! Happy Friday!!!

the nursery – the breakdown

After revealing our nursery and a couple of features in some of my favorite blogs, Ohdeedoh and MadebyGirl, I got some emails and comments asking questions about the nursery. I’d really love to reply to each of them, but as you can imagine, baby G is keeping me busy. I was planning on posting this breakdown before baby G was born but never finished it. Well, now I finally did. I hope this answer some of your questions. And by the way, thanks so much for all the nice comments guys!

If you’ve followed the nursery saga, you may recall I wanted to create a modern, cozy, colorful, not too baby-ish space. And since we couldn’t decide on a color scheme and theme, we asked for your help. The winner mood board was this:

mood board 1

 I didn’t get all the items and accessories from the board, since some things looked good online but in person where not that great (like the rug, that turned out to be too rough). Also I found other things along the way that fit the space and our budget better.

This is a before photo when the room was the old guest bedroom. As you can see we re-used some pieces of furniture from this room, like the wicker white table (without the glass top), some of the frames above the bed and of course the changing table, that we were using as a dresser.

This is an in-between picture. I thought it’d be good to keep it real and show you how the room looked for months. It drove me crazy!

And finally the after shot.

Here I talked about the floor layout so you can have a better idea of where things are.

We didn’t have to buy any piece of furniture. We had L’s crib, changing table and rocker, all from Pottery Barn Kids. We actually got a brand new crib as a replacement for L’s crib. We were missing some hardware and when we called to ask for it, PBK said they would send us a replacement instead. A whole new crib! For free! That was baby G’s first gift!

We had the full bed from my old apartment. I wanted it to look more like a day bed, so I added lots of pillows. The frames above the bed were the ones in the old guest bedroom. Since they were a gold color I applied some Rub ‘n Buff in silver to coordinate with our color scheme.

The night table was a hands-me-down. I found the cute elephant lamp in Marshalls. The little giraffe plate is from Pier 1 Imports (on sale for $1) and the cubes I borrowed from L’s room. I love the wrought-iron tricycle that we found in my mother-in-law’s basement. It was a thrift store find.

The cute knitted blanket on the rocker belonged to the mister! As you can notice there are lots of giraffes toys. Once my mom and mother-in-law knew about our giraffe theme, they started buying everything giraffe.

By the rocker I decided to create a little reading corner so I added two shelves we already had. The top shelf has Spanish books that were presents from my Peruvian friends and a framed photo that everyone signed at my shower in Lima. The bottom shelf has some English books, some artwork I download for free and a ceramic giraffe.

I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect rug. I wanted something with pattern and texture. Unfortunately not all things are as good as they seem on a computer screen. I’m glad I went to see some of these rugs in person  before buying them. The main problem with all of them: there were too rough. I finally found a simple grey rug in Overstock. It appear to have a little texture and the reviews were good. For $40 bucks I thought I couldn’t go wrong. If I didn’t like it I could place it somewhere else. With the sheepskin rug I got from Ikea, was the perfect combination.

The mirror by the changing table was also a last-minute change. I had a circle mirror, from Ikea too, that I wanted to use, but I couldn’t find the hardware to hang it. On a trip to Homegoods my mom found the rectangular mirror and was instant love. 

I think the most expensive thing in the room is the closet storage system. The mister had to cut some of the shelves to adjust them to our space but it all worked out. I initially wanted the Elfa system from the Container Store, but after seeing their almost $800 estimate I did a little more research and found the Antonious system from Ikea. Very, very similar system and less than a third of the Elfa price. You can’t beat that.

Here, here and here I talked about all the DIY details in the room.

I don’t have an exact breakdown but I know we spent no more than $500 (including the closet system). We didn’t have to buy any furniture, and most of the accessories were gifts and/or budget-friendly finds. I guess this just proves that you don’t need to break the bank to put together an enjoyable space that can grow with your child. A little creativity and lots of patience can work wonders! And because we saved didn’t spend a lot on the room, I got to splurge on my amazing diaper bag! I love, love that bag!

Now for a list of resources:

Paint: Natural Grey (UL260-11) and Yellow Corn (330B-5) by Behr, matte finish
Furniture: Sleigh Fixed Crib, Berkely Changing Table, Dream Rocker and Collectors Shelves by Pottery Barn Kids (already owned)
Hanging pendants: Solvinden –  Ikea $9.99 each
Night table: hands-me-down
Rug: Living Necessities Grey Rug – Overstock $39.99
Sheepskin rug: Rens – Ikea $24.99
Curtains: Matilda – Ikea @29.99
Window Valance: DIY
Crib Skirt: DIY
Fabric for Window Valance and Crib Skirt: Premier Strech Fabric in Yellow Corn(3 yards)  – Etsy $35.00
Giant giraffe: Melissa & Doug – Nu Toy Store $79.99
Mirror: Homegoods $39.99
Lamp: Marshalls $24.99
Wrought-iron tricyle: thrift store find
Pillows: DIY
Fabric for pillows: Etsy, Ikea, JoAnn & Fabric.com – $8.99 /yard approx.
Changing Pad cover: DIY
“Love lives Cozy Here” artwork: Grace Hester Designs – Etsy $25.00
“Love” artwork: MadebyGirl $10.00
“G is for Giraffe” artwork: DIY (printing by Vistaprint $8.99)
Small artwork in gallery wall: DIY and free downloads from here, here and here
Cloth doll: Handmade by Mom
Cloth giraffe: DIY
Mobile: DIY, Giraffe and Elephant Coat hangers to make mobile – JoAnn $20.00
Oversized letter “G”: DIY, Wood letter – JoAnn $5.99, Rub ‘n Buff in Silver – Michaels $5.99
Crib blanket: RH Baby & Child (no longer available)
Closet Storage System: Antonious – Ikea $ 230.00 aprox.
Diaper Bag: Pretty Nylon Eliza Baby Bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Bloomingdales $278.00