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home makeover – corbel console table

After this post, I kept looking for more options for a dining room console table. I was 90% sure that I’ve found the perfect one. Check it out:

gear console table via CB2

Clean lines, narrow, and long, very long. It looks light and I’m sure it’d fit the room perfectly. However, some time ago, while discussing with my mother-in-law some of our revamp plans for the dining room, she offered us these Pottery Barn architectural corbels. She got them long time ago but never used them.

architectural relic corbels via Pottery Barn

She suggested we could use these corbels to create the console table we wanted, adding a glass or wood top. Even though I, honestly, never considered something like this for the dining room, I immediately like the idea. I like the carving details of the corbels, which I think would add some character to the room. Also we could place the corbels wherever we want so we can get the longest surface possible. If we aren’t completely happy with them we could always remove them and get the CB2 table, if I still like it.

We decided to go with a glass top so it’ll look something like this, but not that massive.

images via restoration hardware

I googled a little to see some real life versions of this solution, and I found this entry table from Abode Love. Exactly what we’re doing but in a smaller version. Doesn’t it look great?

image via abode love 

The mister is going to contact a local glass guy so we can get a custom piece prepared. But first we have to figure out the right place for the corbels. Ours are not as big as the ones from RH, so they would go on the wall, like in the entry table above.They are not that heavy so I hope it won’t be a problem hanging them on the drywall.

Hopefully we’ll get to that soon. I’m excited about how it’ll turn out.

home makeover – reclaimed wood consoles

I’ve wanted to redo the dining room for so long because we’ve been using it as a storage room. Anything that didn’t have a place would end up there. It needed immediate attention. Thankfully, a week before our trip to Lima, we finally got to do some changes. And oh! What a difference some paint and little molding can make (more on that soon!). Our dining room is small and since we already have a nice dining room set, we just need a sideboard or console table to complete the space.

While looking for long console tables, I’m not sure how I came across this site, Teva Living (probably through browsing some design blogs). They have beautiful wood reclaimed pieces and, what is even better, at reasonable prices. I think it’s a great alternative to the awesome-but-too-expensive Restoration Hardware stuff. These have captured my attention so far:

all images via teva living

Unfortunately, I don’t think any of these pieces will work for my space. Even though they are very long, which I want, they are also very deep. We don’t have a lot of room like I said, so I’d like to find something narrower and not that heavy-looking. Maybe lucite or glass? I’ll keep looking.

Do you like reclaimed wood pieces?