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A licensed architect in Lima, Peru, I moved to the States back in September of 2005 to do a professional internship in an architectural firm in the suburbs of New York. A year and a half later, after completing the program, I got a full-time job at an architectural firm, this time in New York City. Six months later, I met, not one, but two boys who would become the men in my life. A year and a half later, May 2009, I married them.  And now we are expecting have little Baby G!

Being completely apart from my family has been tough at times, considering the close relationship I have with them. But even though I miss them dearly, I love my life in New York with my two, soon-to-be three boys. Do I miss home? Sometimes. So who knows, maybe when it is time to retire, the mister and I will go back to Lima, get a little house by the beach and grow old together. But for now New York is our home and I’m really enjoying it.

House 36 was created due to a desire and need to keep my family and friends informed and updated about our lives.  However my love and enthusiasm for interior design, décor, photography and all things pretty has led me to transform it into a journal where I compile all the beautiful people, places, spaces and things that inspire me. This is my personal lifestyle blog.

All photographs if not credited are taken by me. You are more than welcome to use them, but please don’t forget to give source credit and link back to House 36.

Thanks for stopping by and please introduce yourself. I’d love to hear from you!


18 thoughts on “about me

  1. vivacindy

    Hi Nadia!
    I have just spent the last hour reading your blog! I love how you documented your pregnancy. I am at 26 weeks right now and i cant help but compare things:) i am also having the easiest pregnancy, but reading how yours got a little harder at the end (with the swelling etc) im sure its coming for me too. i also have been working out the whole time and eating healthy although, like you, have succum to sweets and ice cream whenever i want these last few weeks. i think i will take your words of wisdom and really cut back now so i dont gain too much wieght. i too would like to stay between 25-30 pounds gained.
    Anyhoo, just wanted to say hi! I know you will be so busy with a newborn, but when you have a chance, stop over to my blog and say hi! good luck with baby G! love the name Giacomo. I am in search of a good latin name for a boy (and girl) …the boys names are harder for me:)

  2. house36 Post author

    Hi Cindy!
    Thanks so much for the nice comment. And congratulations! Enjoy your pregnancy. We’ve been blessed with easy and healthy pregnancies and even though it got a little hard for me at the end, it was all worht it! I stopped by your blog and liked it very much. For some reason it didn’t let me post a comment. 😦 I’ll try again later.

  3. Paula

    Hola Nadia!

    Hoy encontre tu blog via Spearmintbaby, porque estaba buscando imágenes de maternity street style y vi una muy linda tuya. Hoy publicamos el post, aca va el link: http://treschicmama.com/2011/11/03/maternity-street-style-2/

    De mas esta decir que me hice adicta a tu blog. Ademas tenemos una historia muy parecida, soy Argentina, me case con mi marido en el 2006 quien trabaja en NY, recién casados nos fuimos a vivir a Tarrytown y a los dos a;os nos vinimos a vivir a Manhattan, tuvimos a nuestro bebe en Septiembre del 2009 y aca estamos!

    Yo también extra;o a mi familia en Buenos Aires, toda mi familia y amigas están alla, y yo estoy viviendo acá por amor, y para seguir construyendo mi propia familia.. pero no es fácil desarraigarse!

    Que coincidencia no?

  4. Aina Maj

    Hej Nadia,
    I found one of your photographs pinned on Pinterest and traced it back to your blog. I used it on mine as the picture for my blogs’s 1st B-day post -will appear at 9am European time :)- (after I checked and read you don’t mind – I did credit you and linked back to your blog!). It’s exactly the picture I had in mind! Absolutely beautiful 😀
    Wishing you a fantastic weekend,

    1. house36 Post author

      Hi Aina, thanks for stopping by and linking to my blog. I realized I didn’t credit the picture. I actually found it via google. If you check my post you can see the credit. Congratulations on your first blog-anniversary!

    1. house36 Post author

      Hi! Oh thanks! I sewed the valance myself. I don’t have a pattern but it was pretty easy. I used some leftover fabric I had from the crib skirt and pieced it together so I have a rectangular piece, twice the length of my window. For the width I didn’t have any choice since it was all I had (it’s about 12 in.) I then hemmed and sewed the shorts sides first and then the bottom long side, with a 1/4″ seam approx. For the top is basically the same process, just leaving a bigger seam, big enough to slide the curtain rod through. (approx. 2″, but it’ll depend of the thickness of your rod) Hope this helps!

  5. Melissa gerdes

    I’m so excited to have found your blog, my family is Peruvian and you are a true inspiration. I’m a new stay at home mom of 4 kiddos with new projects for my home, like i said before your blog is a true inspiration and my favorite part is your lovely nursery.

  6. Jenni Singletary

    Hi Nadia! I just wanted you to know that your nursery was the total inspiration for my son’s nursery. I just finished it and it was a good thing because he arrived two weeks early! But I wanted to send you some pictures- ( if you want to see them) because I based his nursery design on yours! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your nursery and I am so excited with how my son’s has turned out as well! And my husband has just accepted a position in a new city, so we will be moving soon, and I will get to do the nursery all over again- same design obviously, I’ll just have to figure out the layout for a new space. I wasn’t sure how to send you pictures, I don’t have a blog to post them on, but I’d be happy to email them to you if you like. Thanks again for being my inspiration! 😉
    – Jenni

    1. {Nadia @ House36} Post author

      Hi Jenni, first of all congratulations on the arrival of your little one! God bless him. Thanks so much for your kind words. I feel really flattered that my work inspired yours. Of course I’d like to see pictures. Yes, please email them to me to house36ny@gmail.com. Looking forward to seeing your baby’s nursery!

  7. Jessica@CapeofDreams

    You found my blog the other day and commented that we might be neighbors. I’m glad you found me and commented because I really like your blog. It is awesome that you are from Peru. I am a Spanish teacher and Peru is high on the list of countries I want to visit. Someday. Hopefully soon!

  8. Amy Weesner

    Hi Nadia!
    I saw your beautiful nursery on the Weewestchester blog (beautiful!) and then ended up looking through your lovely blog posts. My husband and I have just moved to Sleepy Hollow and have a couple of design projects we want to do in our new home. Do you do design consults by any chance? I’d love to chat if so!


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