boda campestre

My sister’s wedding was amazing! Ans she and her husband should get all the credit. They did all the planning by themselves (of course mom helped) but they chose all their vendors. The venue couldn’t have been better, a beautiful house in Cieneguilla, a town 20 minutes away from Lima. Their caterer did an awesome job with all the decor and keeping a cohesive theme: outdoors rustic. The food was abundant and delicious, the dj had all the guests dancing all day and night long and the cake was just absolutely adorable (and yummy!). It was so different from our wedding, which was a more formal evening event. Theirs was casual, familiar, outdoors. It made me want to get married again! With the same hubby of course!


1 thought on “boda campestre

  1. Janell

    thank you for the post, manita! yay!!!! I loved my wedding!! It was hard work but it was worth it and everybody helped, you with the beautiful invitations, mom coming with me to the appointments, even dad delivering the invitations. Thank you so much and the pics are amazing!


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