february & love

The first month of 2011 is over already! Before we know it, it’ll be Christmas time again! This is going to be a busy month (well, really what month isn’t, right?) with all the things to do around the house and a little trip we have planned.

And let’s not forget about Valentine’s Day. Personally I don’t like to do anything out of the ordinary for that day. Sometimes I feel it has just become so overrated. I’m more than happy with staying and eating in, cuddling with the mister and watching a girly movie (that is the only day of the year the mister would watch, let’s say, “Sex and the City” with me)…Besides there is no reason we have to celebrate love just that day. We should celebrate it every single day of the year.

As usual, here some of my favorite desktop wallpapers for this month. Which is your favorite?

via smashing magazine


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