sweet weekend

After a long day I’m finally home. It’s been a long week. I’m so glad the weekend is here!

Yesterday L’s teacher sent us an email saying she was very pleased with L’s progress in reading. We’ve been working at home with him. It felt really good to know we are helping him improve. I guess that means we are doing a good job. 😉
So to celebrate I surprised him with some little treats. He loves these mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa (if you are in NYC you have to try them!) They are so yum!

Have a sweet weekend!


2 thoughts on “sweet weekend

  1. Dorina Vereau

    Congratulations to Luke!!! and of course to you, You are doing a great job!!!
    I want to try some of those jummy cup cakes in my next trip to NY…
    besos, Mom.

  2. Janell

    Way to go L!!! Baked by Melissa.. yes, I’ve tried them, they have yummy cupcakes.. but I prefer Crumbs.. they’re bigger! jeje


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