stylish baby bag

Sometime ago I read a post about how diaper bags are really not a necessity, that one can just throw some diapers, wipes, onesies and a changing pad  in a regular shoulder bag and you are done. The idea appealed to me and inmediately I envisioned myself creating some of the on-the-go baby change kits shown in the post. I decided I didn’t need a diaper bag.

But then, while browsing the internet for some baby related products I found these Marc Jacobs Baby Bags and all of a sudden I wanted one. Ok, I know maybe there are not really needed and definitely there are more affordable options out there, but wouldn’t it be nice to have one of these?

They come in different patterns and colors, all of them manly enough for the mister.  They also include a stylish changing pad. I’m really tempted to get one.

So, to the mommies out there, did you use/need a diaper bag? What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “stylish baby bag

  1. claudia

    I had a total of 5 diaper bags for N & R, each for a different stage and all of them from Pottery Barn Kids and honestly I loved each one. My favorite was the Ultimate Diaper Bag it had tons of space, two bottle holders, pockets all over and it was super easy to clean. Anyway, I really think you will need a diaper bag because you’ll need the upright space for the bottles (unless you’ll be breastfeeding 100%…which will make everything easier, and better for the baby), you will need the pockets for your wallet, keys and phone, so you can access them fast, you will need the easy to clean lining they came with for when you have to put dirty clothes or bibs or an open Cheerios container that you didn’t even notice it was open until you open your bag the next day. (I know you think you’ll have time to put all that in a plastic bag before throwing it into the diaper bag….believe me, you won’t), I honestly could keep going so my advice is get one!!!
    The only thing I never had, and never regret for not having was a changing table.

  2. Dorina Vereau

    Honestly, I don’t remember myself having one of those “special baby bags”, but I think I used to have a bag when you were a baby. Probably my bag was a “regular one”, it was not as sophisticated as they are now, but it was helpful to carry on it some deapers I needed every time when we went out.
    My suggestion is to buy one of those wonderful baby bags, I think it will be very useful and handy to have every thing you need in the same place.


  3. Brica Gopad Diaper Changer

    It is a spacious bag with a place for everything a mom could need such as
    toys, food, clothes, diapers, and feeding bottles.
    This bag screams rugged and modern and won the 2007 JPMA
    Innovation Award for quick access wipes case. ), it’s hard to understand the need for a
    large round changing pad. You’ll also want to make sure you have a flat tipped screwdriver, or a suitable pry bar to remove your hub caps or covers,
    if present.


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