excuse my english, por favor

Could you forgive me if you find some grammatical, spelling or any other type of errors in my posts? English is not my first language as you can see and even though I consider myself a good English speaker I certainly make many, many mistakes and my vocabulary and grammar construction is limited.

I started this blog, not only to catalogue all things that inspire me, but also as a way to improve my English writing skills. And because I care about grammar and proper writing I always have the mister check all my posts before publishing them. However waiting for the mister to proofread my posts was slowing down, sometimes even preventing, my postings. Which I didn’t like. So, I’ve decided that no more mister editor.

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Please bear with me as I learn more and more from my mistakes.


7 thoughts on “excuse my english, por favor

  1. Kim

    I think you write in English very well! Like Jennifer said, even the people who speak it, like myself, are always incorrectly spelling something 🙂

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