I have no excuse. I didn’t post a thing all August. A whole month! Like I said two months ago we’ve done some improvements in the house. But instead of enjoying those advances, by taking pictures for example, I tend to focus on the unfinished projects and the million things to do. I also have a serious problem with starting new projects before others are completely finished. But no more. This month I’m going to focus on finishing the last details in some of the rooms that are done and taking pictures. Yes, pictures please!

In another note, we’ve been busy trying to enjoy Summer and getting ready for back to school and all that. We went on our last Summer vacation last week. And although he had a great time, it was exhausting. Now we need a vacation from our vacation!

We still have some more weeks of Summer but I’m so ready for Fall. I’m looking forward to the cool weather and the color changing leaves. This is going to be a great month.

via smashing magazine

Happy Labor Day!


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