November – Noviembre

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Mother nature was kind to us and gave a gorgeous month of October. The weather was beautiful for the most part and all Halloween festivities ran according to plan and we did a lot of family activities. It was a fun, fun, fun Halloween 2013. We spent the weekend putting decorations away and trying to straight up the house a bit, because…

this is another special month. Not only we are celebrating L’s birthday, but also our beloved Nonos are coming to visit! I couldn’t be happier and more excited. They will be able to spend some weeks with their grand kids and I’m already planning some special family outings. And let’s not forget about Thanksgiving.

I usually get all excited {and stressed out a little} when we have guests, because I want to complete all unfinished home projects and start new ones. But this year I’m letting it go. I’m not worrying about having the guest bedroom ready {which is now serving as my office, too} and if the sheets match the wall color, or having the bathrooms done, or having the kids toys organized. We still want and we are going to do all those projects {and we have many, believe me}, but we are not going to rush. We’ll do them when the time is right. And that time, is not now.

This month I’m going to concentrate in having an awesome party for L, creating special memories for my boys and their Nonos, spending one and one time with my mom {she and my sister are my best friends and I missed them so much} and just enjoying my parents are here, with us.

It’ll probably be another hectic month, but another memorable one. Welcome November!


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