halloween decor {on a budget} – easy $4 halloween wreath

This year I wanted to make a Halloween wreath for our front door. First thing to do was check Pinterest to be inspired. I got many ideas but I was still undecided about what to do. With a vague idea of what I wanted, I headed to the Dollar store and bought some Halloween stuff I thought I could use. There I picked a wood wreath and orange, black and white crepe paper streamers.

One night while watching Dexter with the mister, I started. I first wrapped the wreath with white crepe paper {I considered using masking tape, but I didn’t like the yellowish color, and I didn’t have white duct tape in hand}. Right before I wrapped it all, I made a little loop out of scraps of orange fabric, tied it to the wreath and covered it with the crepe paper. After that, I wasn’t sure how to fill the wreath. I tried wrapping a frilly streamer around the wreath but it didn’t look fully enough. After a quick google search I found this great tutorial for a crepe paper wreath.

Once done, I felt it needed some color {orange} and something else to complete it. I looked into our Halloween bin {we have one with old costumes and random Halloween stuff} and found a “BOO” sign I got at the dollar bins at Target last year in my attempt to decorate {You can see it here, lonely and sad, hanging at our front door knob. I should be ashamed}.

The sign happened to fit inside the wreath, and although I didn’t like it very much, I used it anyway. I added a couple of glitter spiders I got at Michael’s and done.

I was {am still} not crazy about it, but I had one million other projects to do.  And comparing to last year, this is definitely better!

Materials: wood wreath – $1 {Dollar Store}, black and white crepe paper streamers $1 {Dollar Store}, glitter spiders $1 {Michaels, the package of six was $2.49, so about 50 cents each}, Boo sign – {Target, last year}.

Coming up {free} Halloween pillow covers!

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