holiday decor

Last year I wanted to decorate our tree all gold for Christmas. But since we were going to Perú for the holidays there was really no point in decorating. We put a little Christmas tree to keep the holiday spirit and left it there.

This year is different. We’ll be hosting our first Christmas. And although I like the gold look for Christmas, after seeing this images, I think I’ll stick to the classic, red and white.


{image via here}


{image via here}


{image via here}


{image via here}


{image via here}


{image via here}

Our tree is up but needs more ornaments. This year we went Christmas tree cutting {as part of our Christmas countdown activities} and when choosing our tree under the sky, I guess we didn’t realize how big it was. The ornaments we had are not enough to fill it, so we’ll need to get {or make} some more. We put up some lights and some decorations here and there, but I still have some projects in my list, like making Christmas stockings and sewing some Christmas pillow covers. All that on top of our family Christmas countdown activities list. Oh boy, it’s going to be a busy, but happy, happy, month!


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