christmas stockings & paper fans

{Even though it’s been a busy month I’m very glad I was able to complete some of the Christmas projects in my list. Christmas is a few days away so there isn’t much time left here but still wanted to share!}

Last year we didn’t get Christmas stocking for the kids, because we spent the Holidays in Perú and stocking are not really a tradition over there. This year however, I definitely wanted to get them cute Christmas stockings, as it’ll be our first Christmas together at home.

I wasn’t sure what type of stocking to buy, classic, modern? I was indecisive until I saw this picture, from my inspiration post, and well, I felt inspired to attempt to sew stockings. Yes. I decided I wanted to make my own stockings. I googled, found a simple and easy tutorial, went to the craft store to get some fabric and put to work.

christmas_decor_1christmas_stockings_2Also, I was planning on hand stitching the letters, but after I glued them to secure them to the stocking I got lazy and decided to leave them like that. Yes, I like easy and simple.

christmas_decor_4christmas_decor_8christmas_decor_2To finish decorating, I got some red and silver nesting boxes and wrapped a couple of boxes with some leftover wrapping paper, and created and framed a sign saying “A gift for you”. I love, love the way everything looks together, festive, merry, very Christmas-y!

Feliz Navidad a todos!


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