february – febrero

february-13-1024__75-calendar-1920x1200 february-13-like_the_cold_side_of_a_pillow__56-calendar-1920x1440 february-13-happy_valentines_day__42-calendar-1920x1080 february-13-dear_love__82-calendar-1920x1080

{images via smashing magazine}

Oh, February, the moth of love. I always like the first of every month. It’s like a fresh start all over, again and again. The perfect opportunity to set new goals and intentions. {I started this post last Friday, but as you can see, never finished it. Always happen!}

Anyway, one of the big changes this year is I started working part-time. That means I’ll have to be much better at organizing my time {one of my intentions for so, so long and still working at it}, and also, that after almost two years of just me taking care of G, I’ll be needing help. We’re in the process of looking for someone and hopefully we’ll find the right person. Big changes around here!

This month I wanted to decorate the house, just a little, for Valentine’s and throw a little Valentine’s party for my kids. I know we should show our love and appreciation to our loved ones all year round but special days like these are the perfect occasion to do a little extra more to show all that love. And having a house full of boys, it’s the perfect excuse to decorate with some pink here and there.

I’d also like to continue with our home improvement projects so when Spring comes we are better prepared than last year. And I’d also like to keep working on a couple of personal projects that I hope see the light soon.

I’d better go back to work since the month will be gone at a blink of an eye! Here’s for a short, but sweet February.


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