an update…

Last time I posted we’ve covered the first days of December with Christmas activities. So far we’ve still managed to keep up with our plans. So here it is what we’ve done:

Dec, 9: We finally put up some Christmas lights inside and outside.

Dec, 10: I went to a Holiday Fair with the kids, had hot chocolate and cookies. And we also baked Christmas cookies. Double fun!

Dec, 11: We hosted a little get together with friends. Luke attended a Christmas gathering.

Dec, 12: We signed and mailed our Chrismtas cards. (ok, most of them)

Dec, 13: We started with all the gift wrapping.

Dec, 14: We decorated our stair railing and hung up the Christmas cards we are getting in the mail.

Dec, 15: Luke wrote a Christmas letter to his school pen pal.

Dec, 16: We attended a Holiday gathering.

Dec, 17: We had a family Christmas dinner.

Dec, 18: We had a family Christmas breakfast.

Dec, 19: We had another family Christmas dinner. (I know!

Dec, 20: We opened some Christmas presents before leaving to Lima.

We have some more activities planned for when we are there. We are really looking forward to them!

P.S. We are probably on the plane already!!


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